Thursday, November 09, 2006

VLT's in Alberta Canada

When The Only Thing that PAYS is the Bank Machine

A Story Of VLT Gambling in Alberta

Oh God, now I know why I did not want to come home. I have a 19 year old that is still hanging around and should have been out of the house a year ago. That was not even on my mind when I thought to stop at the Pub of Choice. So why did I decide to go there? Good question. It was either I was going to go home to no one or I was going to go home to a kid that will not leave home...and a mouthy one at that.

Just KENO I thought. Just some time out from the last two weeks at work that were hectic or just because today was so boring after those two weeks. I sat there at work and searched the internet for the ideal holiday..what would it be? I thought maybe the Atlantis in Nassau in the Bahamas. There you could soak up the sun all day and play a little at night. That was on my mind all day. But I can't get a direct flight from Edmonton. When will that change.

Then I went to the Pub of Choice. There are so many regulars there. There is always someone to talk to. There is always a little thrill if someone wins. And the sweetest old man is there if nothing else happens. He is a little old retired guy that is just a joy to see. I never thought I would think about it but then I asked myself the question. Why? Why do people come here. I know I have been in the situation a million times and I never thought to ask myself. I think the answer is that I am not ready to go home yet, or the timing is not right or I can always go to the bank machine even if it is on overdraft.

I never ever like gambling. My parent's friends used to race horses and I would go to the track with them all the time. The Grandma used to get the kids to pick up all the used tickets on the ground and put them in a garbage bag. At night, she would go through the tickets and the program (which she had all the results on) and find winning tickets that people had thrown away. It was amazing how much she won. People did not know the difference between a quinella and an exator.

So the question is, why do I like to go to the VLT's? I decided that I would ask the people around me tonight. Most people will not talk about it. The women next to me had a machine t